Waleed Abdulhakeem

Waleed Abdulhakeem is the founder and director of Islamic Studies at Ilm Path Academy (www.ilmpath.com).

Sheikh Waleed Abdulhakeem is the founder and director of Islamic Studies at Ilm Path Academy (www.ilmpath.com). He is also currently the Imam and director of religious affairs at the first Islamic centre in Toronto, known as Jami Mosque. In addition, he is an instructor at Alkauthar Institute, a member of the Canadian Council of Imams, was previously an Imam in several Masjids in the USA, and was the President of MSA for three years. Sheikh Waleed has been invited to speak and teach in several cities across all five continents of the world. The Family: Sheikh Waleed was born in Michigan USA to Egyptian parents, and has lived and studied in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years. His father is a Hafidh and was an Imam in USA & Saudi Arabia and his mother has taught Islamic studies to high school students for over 30 years. His grandfather was a Qari with Ijaza in the ten modes of recitation of the Quran and has given Ijaza to hundreds of students. Islamic Education: Sheikh Waleed has covered a breadth of Islamic studies in various institutes, including Al-Forqaan academy in Egypt, King Saud University and Almajd Islamic Academy in Saudi Arabia, and is currently working on a Masters degree in Islamic studies from the Islamic A.U., after which he hopes to start on a Phd. program in Hadith sciences. Other Education: In addition, Sheikh Waleed has a Masters degree in Life Skills Training, and has trained a large number of companies in North America in computer applications and life skills. He also earned a BA in Applied Mathematics, with a minor in Architectural Sciences, and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Work History: In addition to working as an Imam, Sheikh Waleed has worked as a national training designer and facilitator at Home Depot Headquarters, as well as a technical trainer at Babcock and Wilcox, a company that produces energy supplies in more than 90 countries. He has also taught at the University of Akron applied statistical research, communication methods, and lifeskills training courses. He also worked as a research specialist at the Greater Akron Chamber, and has designed Architectural models for homes and office complexes. Special Interests: In his spare time Sheikh Waleed loves to play sports. He has represented his University basketball team, his school Soccer team, and he also enjoys bowling and golf. He keeps himself sharp by practicing on his calculator and can swiftly perform large calculations from his head. However, his biggest hobby by far is reading at least one book in every field of science, life skills and most importantly Islam. His Teachers & Scholars: Aqeeda: Dr. Naser Al-aql, Dr. Abdulaziz Muhammed Abdul-Latif, and Sh. Muhammed Hassan. Tafseer & Quran Science: Dr. Abdulbadee' Abu Hashim, Dr. Muhammed Alkhudairi, and Sh. Yasir Alshaf''i. Quran Recitation: Ustad Muhammed Abus-S'oud, and Ustadh Muhammed Fat'hallah. Hadeeth Sciences and Explanation: Dr. Faleh Alsagheer, Sh. Mustafa Muhammed Mustafa, Sh. Tariq Awadallah Muhammed, and Sheikh Islam Mansoor. Principals & Rules of Fiqh: Prof. Iyadh Nami Assullami, and Sh. Abdulmuhsin Az-Zamil Fiqh: Prof. Abdullah Musa Al-'Ammar, Sh. Muhammed Khalil, Sh. Sa'd Alkhathlan, and Sh. Ibraheem Ad-Dijwi. Arabic Language: Dr. Ibrahim Alqurashi, Dr. Muhammed Alsubaiheen, Ustad Muhammed Dosouqi, Ustad Ibraheem Dakroori, Ustad Ahmed Albiltagi, and Ustad Ezzat Muhammed. Islamic History: Ustad Ahmed Alqirm, and Ustad Ibraheem Imad Manners, Purification, & Seera: Dr. Ahmed Albatily, Dr. Yasir Alshaf'i, and Sh. Abdussalam Ali Contemporary (Islamic Economics, Politics, & Family Law): Prof. Sulaiman Qasim Al-Eid, Sh. Ibrahim As-Sayyari, & Sh. Ibraheem 'Irsan.