7 Reasons for Being Thankful to God


7 Reasons for Being Thankful to God

Many times, we take things for granted; but we should always be thankful for the daily blessings we receive from Allah. As Muslims, we need to be aware that everything we have in our lives is a gift from Allah and in return they require gratitude from us. Among thousands of blessings, here are seven which we should be thankful to Allah.

1. Creator of all things

We ought to thank Allah for creating us as human beings and all the other things in this vast universe for the servitude of mankind, because everything Allah created is good and fair, and nothing is to be rejected. We should receive everything with thanks.

2. Forgiving us

If Allah didn’t forgive our sins, they would affect many aspects of our lives and rob us of our joy. We must be thankful for the gift of forgiveness Allah grants us once we feel the guilt and repent.

3. Delivering us from calamity

Disappointments take place in everyone’s life. But we can be content that we have Allah who protects us from calamities, trials and dangers. There is no calamity too big for Allah that He cannot solve it. There is no mountain too tall He can’t move it. There is no storm too powerful Allah can’t calm it.

4. Faithful, even when we turn away

Faithfulness is the essences of who Allah is. There is not a day, minute or second that goes by that Allah is not faithful. He is faithful even when we are faithless; He is faithful even when we turn away from Him. We can always count on Him.

5. Doesn’t break promises

Allah Will Never, Ever Break His Promises. Allah is not a human, so He doesn’t lie. Humans change their minds, and break their words; but Allah never changes his mind, and therefore He never breaks His promises.

6. Patience with the disobedient

Allah never punishes a disobedient human as soon as he makes a mistake. He gives time and waits for us to repent and turn towards Him. If Allah punishes everyone for their disobedience, there won’t be a single soul left on this earth.

7. Sent Muhammad (s) for us

Allah fulfilled his promise to be merciful to us by sending His most beloved Prophet Muhammad (s) to guide us. This is one of the best things we should be thankful for.  Inthe Quran Prophet Muhammad (s) is praised as “nothing but Allah’s mercy to all the worlds. (21:107)”