A Compilation of Converts to Islam – Inspiring


A Compilation of Converts to Islam – Inspiring

“When comes the help of Allah, and victory, and thou dost see the people enter Allah’s religion in crowds, celebrate the praises of thy Lord, and pray for His forgiveness: for He is Oft-Returning (in grace and mercy).”
Surat An Nasr

“I am happy to say, right now, today, al hamdulillah, I’m Muslim. I’m proud to be a Muslim. I really don’t care how society sees me, ya know. It’s all about my beliefs and what I believe and that’s who I am: a Muslim.”
AkeemHaleem – revert

“Islam has changed me so much. Like, I’m nothing like I was before. Now, I’m physically and mentally healthier, and, like, I’m just so thankful for everything. So thankful that Allah SWT showed me the light and showed me the true way of life and it’s just an absolutely amazing feeling.”
Kim Donesia – revert

“I was born a Palestinian-Christian. Raised, ya know, baptized in Palestine.”
FalasteenInshaAllah – revert