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The Deen Show is an independent program without any direct or indirect link to any of the channels or organizations utilizing our produced shows. Complete list of shows alongside the broadcasted materials can be found on our website at thedeenshow.com.

The Deen Show is free any Political and/or ideological associations of the channels or mediums that it is/ will be broadcasted on.

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The DeenShow is God willing sincerely and humbly trying to use the Media that we have available to help our brothers and sisters in humanity develop a better understanding about the pure Islam and the real message that it teaches: Peace; Submission; Surrender and Obedience to Almighty God and to clear up all the misconceptions anyone might have about this way of life that strives for peace. So if any broadcast television cable TV or satellite television station NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, BCC, CNBC, etc… would like to Air TheDeenShow on their channel please contact us,

Thank you. And may God Almighty guide us all to true Peace and happiness.
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