Cleaner Teeth, Longer Life What Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You


Cleaner Teeth, Longer Life What Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You

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We all have a self-healing potential, but many of us fail to take advantage of it. What’s more, we often miss the connections between problems in one part of our body and problems elsewhere in our body.

Ultimately, the tragic consequence of not acknowledging the connection between our teeth, dental treatments, and our overall health is no attention is given to the real cause — and treatment for — many chronic health problems.

With her many years of experience, Dr. Lina Garcia, a holistic dentist in the Chicago area, looks at many of the prevailing beliefs and practices of conventional dentistry and finds them wanting:

• Fluoridating water, in Dr. Garcia’s view, does little to stop tooth decay, yet it’s dangerous because it adds a toxic substance to our water.

• Mercury-amalgam fillings, often the choice of conventional dentists, are an insidious danger, Dr. Garcia believes, because of the possibility of chronic mercury poisoning. And porcelain or ceramic materials are a far safer choice.

• Root-canal procedures can harm patients because a tooth may harbor an infection after the procedure is done. And dental patients have more reliable alternatives, Dr. Garcia says.

• The main cause of cavities is poor nutrition, and oral hygiene plays only a secondary role, according to Dr. Garcia.

Dr. Garcia’s philosophy may be best expressed in these words from her chapter entitled Choices: “My years of practice have taught me that the best way to prevent disease is to build your health.”

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