Did Muslims Discover America?


Did Muslims Discover America?

The history of Islam and Muslims in America dates further back in history than the arrival of Columbus to the Americas. Often times people fail to recognize the immense contributions of Islam and Muslims in various civilizations. This video is just one portrait of those many contributions.

Introduction [start time 00:00]
About me [start time 02:17]
Did Muslims Discover America [start time 02:46]
Why is this topic important
When did Muslims come to America
Muslims were here long before Christopher Columbus even thought about coming to America

Muslims from Spain coming to America [start time 07:49]
Muslims from Morocco coming to America [start time 10:18]
Abu Bukhari or Columbus?

Is this information in English? [start time 12:13]
What the significance of these events [start time 13:08]
Muslims that came with Columbus [start time 14:20]
Spanish Inquisition
Muslims with Spanish Expedition

Muslims with the early colonies [start time 20:10]
Kantey Kintay

Conclusion of the talk [start time 27:05]
Conclusion [start time 28:00]

Dr. Dirks is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church. He holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver. Author of “The Cross and the Crescent: An Interfaith Dialogue between Christianity and Islam” (2001), and “Abraham: The Friend of God” (2002). He has published over 60 articles in the field of clinical psychology, and over 150 articles on Arabian horses.