Does Everyone Die in Peace?


Does Everyone Die in Peace?

Paradise and Hell are two eternal abodes that God has created as recompense for either commendable or sinful deeds. In this video Dr. Tawfique describes both of these abodes briefly. He also explains the means one should adapt to achieve paradise and avoid hellfire.

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For those who really want to know a little more about next life and have asked them self the question “what will happen to me when I die” then you might wanna watch this show. 

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Does everyone die in peace? What happens when we die? [start time 01:40]
Description of the Hellfire (Jahannam) [start time 03:27]
Why do we talk about Hellfire? [start time 07:55]
Description of Paradise [start time 09:12]
Why are people not striving to meet their Creator? [start time 12:55]
The formula to achieve paradise and avoid hellfire. [start time 15:35]
Why is it so dangerous to associate partners with Allah? [start time 19:10]
Conclusion [start time 21:25]