Dr. Brown’s Jihad – “I Lost My Wife, House, and Guest House”


Dr. Brown’s Jihad – “I Lost My Wife, House, and Guest House”

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Many a times, we find that people convert to Islam but they are unaware of how to handle some of the problems that they face. In this video Dr. Brown shares with the viewers the problems he faced, and how he dealt with them. He also advises those looking to accept Islam on how to face these problems.

This is a Must watch!!! This is an incredible story and will help uplift and give hope to anyone who is going through a hard time in life after listening to this story you wont feel so bad any more and your sprits and eman should rise back up.

Key Points of This Video
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Hardships that I went through [start time 03:07]
Expect the test of sincerity! [start time 06:25]
Its not about how hard you fall! [start time 13:39]
What made me an outcast? [start time 16:50]
It is an article of respect not to touch! [start time 19:43]
Should you be worried when you accept Islam? [start time 21:00]
Definition of some basic Muslim terms [start time 24:43]
About some of my books [start time 26:45]
Conclusion [start time 28:55]

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