Drink Real Raw Pure Milk a Super FOOD the way God intended


Drink Real Raw Pure Milk a Super FOOD the way God intended

&nbsp Like most of us growing up in America, we’ve see the Tv Ads “Milk does a body good” but after some time of drinking that stuff I came to find out that it wasn’t doing me any good because what we grew up drinking wasn’t the Real Milk but it was the pasteurized, homogenized, processed fake Junk food.

I started doing some research because I had read about the Miracle of Milk in the Quran

“There is instruction for you in cattle. From the contents of their bellies, from between the dung and blood, We give you pure milk to drink, easy for drinkers to swallow.” (Qur’an, 16:66)

Furthermore it is written in the books of seerah (life biography of the Prophet Muhammad) that on the occasion of m’iraaj (ascension to the heavens) the Prophet peace be upon him was offered wine, or milk as a drink by Jibreel (the angel). The Prophet Muhammad PBUH chose to drink milk upon which Jibreel alaihi salaam commented: you are rightly guided and your Ummah(community) will be as well. (Seerat ibne Hishaam p: 158)

I asked myself how could milk be negatively affecting so many people being the #1 cause of allergic reactions in people according to the FDA, and that answer became very clear after doing my research, it was because we haven’t been drinking real milk, we’ve been drinking pasteurized, homogenized, processed fake Junk food that our bodies are rejecting.

We are an Ummah of Milk but we have been kept away for so long from the beautiful blessings of Real pure Raw Milk, especially if you live in the States where Real Raw Milk is illegal in many states but ironically coca cola and other soft drinks which have absolutely no nutritional value in them and are actually slowly killing people being a root cause of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, they are legal. Did you get that?

Real Raw Milk that God Almighty gave us is made illegal while Fake disease and cancer causing foods are legal. that’s crazy!

But anyways, that’s why I’ve dedicated this episode to help educate you on the difference and why you should really start doing your own research and looking into the benefits of Real Raw Milk and totally avoiding processed Fake juke foods that are slowly but surely killing people.

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