Former Sikh Reverts/Converts to Islam


Former Sikh Reverts/Converts to Islam

Amazing journey of a UK based Brother Haroon, who was born into a Sikh family and how Allah(God) guided him to Islam. As the Qur’an tells us that Allah never burdens a Soul more then it can bear. Haroon had a very difficult life spending a long time in Jail, abandoned by his family and relatives to finally finding solace and peace in Islam. Read his journey in his own words……….

My name is Haroon Sagoo,34 years old and was born into a Sikh family in London, UK, who were neither religious  nor loving. My parents divorced when I was 11 and my mother left me behind with an abusive alcoholic father (it was no longer safe for her to be with him but it was ok to leave me behind she took my brother with her) let’s just say my parents didn’t care my grandma raised me by the time I was 15 my house was a bed and breakfast (like a hotel)
By the age of 16 I was heavily involved in selling drugs and began my first of many prison sentences in 2001. I was again sent to jail where I found a Qur’an and I began reading. I got so scared I couldn’t put it down and read it in 2 days that Friday I took my shahada I was now a Muslim but only by name I didn’t act on it or live right I was a Muslim in a Sikh house in 2003. I was arrested for robberies and possession of firearm I was declared guilty and sentenced to 7 yrs again. Now I’m back in a cell with just my Qur’an I got heavily involved in prison culture. I was left alone, no family or friends to be seen as they had disowned me. Everyday I would ring my grandma but still I would not turn to Allah Swt.  
In 2008 my grandma died I was not allowed to go for funeral and watched it on my mobile phone (smuggled into jail ) it was then I turned to Allah Swt.  I began praying and reading and my broken heart began to heal in 2009 when I met the most amazing woman who was divorced with a two yr old and 4 yr old (girls) in Oct 09 my dad passed away in my arms even after everything I went and sat by his side he died in my arms still my family didn’t want to know it was me that paid for majority of funeral cost and was fresh out of jail (my family puts money before blood ) I was devastated he was still my dad I pushed everybody away including the woman I met but she never gave up. In 2010 I married her. For my marriage, my cousin sisters turned up with their husband’s, my wife’s family turned up. but my mother and brother did not come and it hurt me too much
In 2011 I was blessed with another daughter and I moved to where my wife’s family lived and fell in love with Allah Swt sadly last year my best friend (my wife’s brother)  passed away healthy aged 36, which devastated us all,  he died on Jummah  at fajr time during duhl hijr (suban Allah) how blessed he was.

Haroon with his little son

In February this year me and my wife were blessed with our son after 3 daughters Allah Swt gave us a son I’m not a perfect Muslim but I try I try pray but sometimes my nafs take over but I read constantly I learn I strive I struggle Allah Swt tests me but that’s ok as I try to keep my chin up because he tests his strongest slaves. Now I’m heading in right direction Insha Allah , Allah Swt makes it easy for me if he doesn’t that’s also fine as nothing will cause me to stray from him ever again I have an amazing wife who supports me 24/7,  my in laws treat me like their own son. My daughter’s Insha Allah will open jannah for me and when I’m gone Insha Allah my son will take care of his mum and sisters that’s why I wanted a son I begged Allah Swt in Sajood and he blessed me I had such a massive blood family but today all I have is my kids my mum. My brother, uncles, aunts,Cousins all dont other to speak to me which is fine with me as  Allah Swt has blessed me with a wife and in-laws who are amazing. Allah Swt took me away from my blood family and gave me 1.5 billion brothers and sister la illaha ilallah Muhammad rasool Allah ‘sallahu alayhi wasalam till the day I die
(Brother Haroon lives in Sheffield, UK along with his wife, three lovely daughters and little son. May Allah bless him and his family and strengthen their Imaan).