From Dunya to Deen


From Dunya to Deen

Release of the film Eddie Redzovic’s life Story!!!
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What people are saying about this Film:

“This film inspires, touches the heart & stirs up one’s emotions. It is a great story of a man who was lost to the true meaning of life, but through contemplation, reflection, and seeking change he finds a bright luminous light of guidance at the end of the tunnel which changes his life and makes him a pillar in society for all that is good and positive. This film is a must watch for anyone struggling with life and for all who are in search of a positive path. This film is a must see for parents with children who are lost and for those who may be playing with the lowly aspects of this world. This was absolutely one of the best films I have seen all year! ” Wesley Lebron/ Abu Sumayyah

“Dunya to Deen” is a hard hitting, beatifully produced true story of a young man’s journey to God, and reflects the possible change that’s within all of us. Truly inspiring and brutally honest, it is very hard not to be inspired!
Zain Bhikha
“From Dunia to Deen is an amazing ride! It takes you through the story of how bad things can get for a young man to how with the guidance of Allah anyone
can be brought on the straight path! This is a must see for all youth struggling with their lives as it illustrates how chasing the dunya does not bring happiness, but more importantly how there is nothing more satisfying than the sweetness of faith; Eddie’s
story is living proof of this phenomenon. May Allah reward him for sharing his story with us. ”
Badie Ali orland park Masjid
“Maa shaa Allah “Dunya to Deen” is an awesome story of one young man’s journey back to Allah. Br. Eddie’s biography is very inspirational and relevant for us who are so lured by dunya and immersed, perhaps even addicted! I found brother Eddie’s journey extraordinary that a young, strong and handsome brother who fought hard achieve material success as well as other carnal delights reinforce Allah’s promise. Allah (swt) so eloquently informs us that the life to of this world is filled with meaningless distractions that divert us from true happiness and fulfillment. And so, Eddie ultimately realizes in the end that his life course was still empty, insignificant and unfulfilled despite being at the height “success.” Truly, “Dunya to Deen” is a much needed reminder for our brothers and sisters who are steps or paces behind what Eddie was so that they may be wise and learn from his experiences and hindsight. I recommend this video be shown and discussed by youth groups (teenagers & young adults) in Islamic centers, masajid, Islamic schools and community centers for the greatest benefit.” Shpendim Nadzaku Imam/Religious Director

“I like what I saw, mashallah. It’s a story that will resonate with many who have converted to Islam, and must surely also resonate with many, many people in the world today in all walks of life who are questioning their blind acceptance of the materialistic life style and looking for satisfactory answers to the deepest questions in life.”yours in Islam Shaykh Abdurraheem Green

“Thank you Eddie for sharing your breathtaking story. I was moved by your transformation that shows the mercy and power of Allah, who has saved you miraculously from Dunya to Deen. May Allah, through your story, save us and many more lives.” -ibn Halal of
BTW, no documentary can do justice to portray your story,…

“This is a beautiful story of a man who had everything of this world, but was missing the most important thing: a connection with Allah. And when he realized what he was missing, he was willing to give up everything that he had to turn to Allah, and in return Allah gave him back more than he gave up. It is a beautiful and touching story, and it’s a true story. It’s the story of Eddie of ‘The Deen Show’, a good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!” Phd. Yasir Qadhi

Watching this spectacular film reminded me of the blessed words of our beloved Messenger (saws) wherein he stated, “The best of you in jahiliyyah will be the best of you in this deen if they are given knowledge/understanding