God of Hate, Barbaric Sharia?


God of Hate, Barbaric Sharia?

Discussing the 4 commonly asked questions – God of hate, Barbaric Sharia, Intolerance & Oppressive to Women.

Kamal El Mekki discusses the misconception of Allah being the God of hate, and discusses the need for balance, and the proofs of the love the Allah bestows upon mankind. He explains that Allah loves all those who follow certain rules and behaviours, and that this is shown through the teachings in the Quran, and the behavior of the prophet Muhammed peace be upon him.

He further discusses the balance of the Sharia, the need for an understanding of the beautiful nature of the essence of the sharia, and the good that it prescribes. He mentions that the boundaries have strict rulings and punishments, but illustrates how impossible it can be to actually extract a punishment, and the way that this was witnessed historically.

Kamal El Mekki proves that Islam is a tolerant way of life, and uses both examples from the Quran and from the reality of life to demonstrate the repeated tolerance of Islam to other communities and he uses ration to explain the unfair view of oppression in Islam, and the double standards that are used as a way of attacking the way of life. Sheikh Kamal asks the viewer to ponder about the questions posed, and to ask the questioner to use ration, intellect and fairness to bring about a just answer.