How many parents are killing their kids?


How many parents are killing their kids?

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Many parents today are unconsciously helping to destroy their kid’s health which in turn is killing them slowly, This is the first generation of kids not expected to outlive their parents find out how this is happening and what you can do to prevent it in this short video.
A very important point of awareness!
Remember that we come into this world needing only ONE food – the milk from our Mother’s breast. Of course, at 2 to 3 years of age, there are other nutritious foods that children can enjoy & benefit from, and allowing your child to try a variety of foods has value but variety should not be over-emphasized.

Also, and unfortunately, it is very common in
our junk food, fast food & convenience food dominated culture for adults to project their own ‘taste bud exciting’ food preferences and addictions onto children.

Sweets and other refined & processed carbohydrates that
have addictive qualities can corrupt a child’s taste buds and cause a child to lose touch with the nutritional instinct that they were born with.

Feeding your child high quality, nutrient dense wholesome food, which I suggest that you think of simply as REAL food, helps to strengthen a child’s nutritional instinct!

More than a few times over the years, I have heard from Mother’s (with children who had uncorrupted taste buds) about how their child LOVES Liver and has NO interest in eating sweets!

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it is rare for a child, in our culture, NOT to have some degree of carbohydrate addiction by the age of 2 or 3. After all – the adult world around them encourages it!

Ice cream, cookies, candy, cake & other ‘sweets’ are used by nutritionally unconscious adults to ‘reward’ children. I share all of this with you in support of emphasizing the following hard earned wisdom: be consciously careful about what foods you allow your children to be introduced to.

The commercial food industry is EXPERT
at imparting addictive qualities into the highly processed chemicalized products that they sell as food, in addition to making the most of the addictive qualities of sugar & refined starches.

I strongly support that children should be PROTECTED from these
FAKE food products as much as practically possible rather than being encouraged to partake in them.

Jim Marlowe
Nutrition & Health Educator

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