How to find a Real Doctor who doesn’t just push drugs


How to find a Real Doctor who doesn’t just push drugs

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Are you sick of going to the Doctor’s office just to get put on more and more prescription drugs? You make an appointment for 12pm arriving early but you’re kept waiting around until almost 2pm just to see the doctor for 5-10min and just to get put on another prescription drug. We need doctors, doctors are those who we should go to see when we’re sick but are some doctors out there helping people get sicker and addicted to more prescription drugs.

This is a great episode that everyone should watch who is interestest in finding a good doctor and helping good doctors to get even better with our special guest of the week Dr. Grasso who is board certified in Family Practice and manages everything that a Family Physician would manage, but in addition will treat many other abnormalities that only specialists will see like severe neurologically disabled children, Autistic spectrum and ADHD, Autoimmune diseases, Terminal illnesses, chronic infections, and birth defects to name a few all without the use of drugs. In addition, many patients come to Dr. Grasso for the sole purpose to find a safe and effective way to get off their medications and simply remember how to heal themselves. A real doorway to healing that has almost been forgotten but is making a comeback.

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