Islam on Social Media Madness


Islam on Social Media Madness

A great topic discussed on this weeks show regarding the addiction to Facebook and the social media madness and how we are being effected, along with a very scary true story about someone sending Porn to friends even after his death.

Some points covered

1. Pollution of your mind
2. Wasting time is worse than death
3. Addicted to Facebook
4. Being taught to be inpatient
5. Living without living 6. Guess what she wore to the emmys “click here”
6. Signs of the day of judgment
7. Can I post this picture?
8. You have no clue what people are doing with your pictures
9. Trolls on social media
10. Hijab sister encouraging a sister without Hijab
11. Sending pictures of scantily clad men or women
12. True story of a young man who died while sending Porn to friends.

All this and more on this weeks exciting episode of TheDeenShow