Islam | Ramadan | & Why You Should Stop Listening to 2Pac Hit ‘Em Up


Islam | Ramadan | & Why You Should Stop Listening to 2Pac Hit ‘Em Up

Islam | Ramadan | & why you should stop listening to 2Pac Hit ‘Em Up

Check out the all new short reminders called “Keeping it real with Eddie”

Points covered:
1. A true Story about Brett that really touches the heart and how he lost he son but is holing on to his Deen,(His complete Story coming soon)
2. Advice to a brother listening to #Music dropping “F” Bombs
3. Parents much to Blame
4. Ramadan it’s here! Don’t lose out!
5. It can come at any time, Death!
6. Get away from the Bling, Bling audio #Pornography that’s killing the hearts.
7. Reply to a Brother who said “I dare someone to find me anything better than riding through LA with my dog on my lap listening to 2PAC” 8. Advice for New Muslims who come into Islam and how God Almighty Allah tests your sincerity so be prepared
9. Why people run away from Weird man-made religions
10. #Jesus was a Muslim who practiced #Islam and fasted like in #Ramadan.

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