Jesus Love You Response


Jesus Love You Response

 A Christian friend sends you an email saying:

“Jesus loves you”

So how should a Muslim respond?

So this is how we responded to our brother in humanity with love and kindness, wanting sincere guidance for all of mankind and nothing but the best. 

Christian friend says: “Jesus loves you”

Muslim Response:

Yes! That’s so true we agree that Jesus loves those who obey the Creator and worship Him alone without partners.

Yes! Jesus loves those who work hard to obtain the pleasure of God Almighty, and who are constantly repenting after they make sins, Repenting to the Creator alone and not to him (Jesus) or any other human being or creation. 

Yes! Jesus loves those who accepted and lived his message at his time, the message of pure Monotheism, of Worshiping the Creator alone and not his Creation.

This by the way was the same Message that all the Prophets of God came with including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David, Isaac, Ismail, (just to name a few) and Prophet Muhammad being the last Prophet sent to mankind (peace be on all of them).

Yes! Jesus loves those who love and obey their Creator by worshiping him alone without partners, but no one can love you more then your Maker who created you.

This is the One God Almighty that Jesus prostrated to and worshiped and also called people to Worship.

So let us learn a valuable lesson from all the Prophets that God sent to guide humanity with, and that is that we should always focus all of our Worship entirely to the Creator alone and not to his creation.

We have to say that we do love Jesus and all of the Prophets that God Almighty sent to guide humanity with, Prophet Muhammad being the final one (Pbuh).

Let us never take any of them as a deity next to God as that would be going against what all the prophets brought and taught of pure Monotheism, (Including Jesus) as mentioned in the 

Old testament:
“You shall have no other gods but the one God”

And in the

New testament: 
Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

And also in the last and final testament, the unaltered, unedited, verbatim word of God Almighty the Quran:

Indeed, I am Allah(The Creator, Thee God) . There is no deity except Me,

We invite you to look into the way of life that was brought and taught by Jesus and all the other Prophets of which Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was the final and last one.

The way of life that the Creator sent as a Mercy and out of love for all of mankind to live by, and that is Islam (Submission to the Creator alone and not his creation).

Very important:Please remember to pray to the Creator alone for guidance, directly without any middlemen.

Thank you very much
We pray that the Creator guides you to the truth.

Allah(The Creator) says in the Quran:

And whoever desires other than Islam (Submission to the Creator alone and not his creation) as a way of life never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers. Quran 3:85