Malcolm X – Advice to Muslim Women


Malcolm X – Advice to Muslim Women

A short segment from one of Malcolm X’s speeches in the early 1960s. He advises women to seek education/knowledge (be it secondary school or even reading a book) so to add nourishment to their lives and think more intellectually. Kind of like saying, there’s more to your life than being a mother/wife..

Remember the historical context if you feel offended. The main thing he’s addressing in the video is education/knowledge. Keep in mind, he HAD to address women at this gathering because it was uncommon for women (especially black women) to study back in the 1960s, only a small number of women were educated back then.

If you listen closely you’ll notice he’s not attacking women, but he’s straightforwardly telling everyone to seek to become intellectual. It’s not about gender, it’s more about the topic. If Malcolm X was alive today I’m sure he would say this lecture can go both ways .

When he says “you talk trash”, he’s referring to those women who backbite – which he also discourages.