NBA Champion on ISIS vs Christian KKK & Terrorism


NBA Champion on ISIS vs Christian KKK & Terrorism

A six-time NBA champion and league Most Valuable Player, who is also a celebrated author, filmmaker and education ambassador has said:

“When the Ku Klux Klan burns a cross in a black family’s yard, Christians aren’t required to explain how these aren’t really Christian acts”

What about when innocent people are killed by such groups as ISIS, do they represent Islam and the Muslim world?. Find out the hard hitting facts on this weeks show!

Did you know that the Christian KKK at it’s prime had 5,000,000 memebers, thats right 5 million members that represented Christians in America. What’s that percentage compared to ISIS ? Find out in this weeks show.

We’ll also be talking about the latest Terrorist Hate Crimes that have happened, such as Chapel Hill and others where innocent Human-beings were murdered and lives lost with little, to NO media Coverage, compared to the 24/7 non stop media coverage on ISIS.

Did you know that there is a huge movement of millions of Catholic/Christians who worship a “saint of death” (No disrespect intended to true Christians). We’ll be talking about it on this weeks show.

We’ll also have a heartfelt message to the families of the innocent victims, all this and more on this weeks new show. Please share!

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