Orlando Shooting – American Muslim Hero Muhammad Ali


Orlando Shooting – American Muslim Hero Muhammad Ali

In this Episode, we’ll discuss the Orlando Shooting with a look at the life of everyone’s American Muslim Hero Muhammad Ali and Islam.

Some highlights

-everyone s American Muslim Hero Muhammad Ali
-What was hot book purchase of the radicals
-A great book recommendation for the “Idiots”
-Cheif Jewish Rabbi representing American Jews stands with Muslims and warns politicians and bigots against bullying Muslims
-Bernie Sanders don’t blame Islam
-Muslim leaders condemn Orlando shooting
-What the double standard
-everyone should condemn all gun violence not just Muslims
-Only 36 hours after Muhammad Ali funeral Janaza
-wife said he was mentally disturbed, the father said he didn’t have a beard so he couldn’t be radical
-Hear what Christian Preachers have to say about Orlando Shooting and the double standard, imagine if Muslims said this why no 24 hours media coverage on them?
-Muhammad Ali’s advice to Hana Ali and all women
-Club shooter was a homosexual wasn’t living Islam
-Islam has nothing to do with this
-Do all Americans have to apologize for every America who commits a crime
-The only Hollywood Star Muhammad Ali on the wall and not under people’s feet
-We should equally all condemn senseless acts of violence
-Why are they always trying to connect it to Islam such an obvious agenda
-Fear is being used to push their agenda
-Muhammad Ali would sign his name and pass these out to thousands of people how you can do the same
-Muhammad Ali dropping common sense on Atheists calling people to think
-Muhammad Ali says I’m not going to go kill those people just take me to jail
-Muhammad Ali “I think people should know the real Truth about ISLAM
-Islam and Muslims are not a threat at all this is False Hype a lie
-Story of how our Jewish friend Andrew was defending Muslims and Islam against a bigot who watches fox news
-The real injustices that cause some people to lose it, a real look “why they’re doing what they’re doing”
-Myth busting Prof.Robert Pape a political science and terrorism expert says Islam not responsible for suicide bombings and Terrorism but it’s our foreign policy that creates terrorists, not ISLAM

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