Pig Blood In Cigarettes?


Pig Blood In Cigarettes?

Pig Blood In Cigarettes?

In Cigarette Fliters

Tell Dad – It is still Haram!

Yes – Smoking Is Haram – The PIG’s Blood is actually in The Filters of the Cigarettes! – So, It is still very Haram even before you worry about the lung cancer, stomach cancer, face and skin cancer and death of fetus inside the mother’s womb and cancer for those who have to breath the second hand poisoned air from cigarette smoke.

Now we know they have admitted – there is blood of pigs being used in the filters – But what other things have swine (pork) products in them?

Accused of Putting Swine Blood in Tabacco Products?

Maemoglobin (blood) from Swine Apparentaly Identified in 185 Industrial Uses

Here is what we read from Sydney Australia:

A warning was sent out to religious groups here after traces of pig’s blood found in cigarette filters!

By Daily Mail Reporter

An Australian professor has warned religious groups that cigarette filters may contain traces of pig’s blood.

Simon Chapman said recent Dutch research has identified 185 different industrial uses for a pig – including the use of haemoglobin in cigarette filters.

The University of Sydney professor said the study offered an insight into the world of cigarette manufacturing and was likely to spark concerns for devout Muslims and Jews.

Concerns: Dutch research has found that the haemoglobin in pig’s blood is used by some tobacco manufacturers in cigarette filters
‘I think that there would be some particularly devout groups who would find the idea that there were pig products in cigarettes to be very offensive,’ he told the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

‘The Jewish community certainly takes these matters extremely seriously and the Islamic community certainly do as well, as would many vegetarians.

PIG 05049 from Christien Meindertsma on Vimeo.

‘It just puts into hard relief the problem that the tobacco industry is not required to declare the ingredients of cigarettes – they say “that’s our business and a trade secret”.’

The research found pig haemoglobin – a blood protein – was being used to make the filters more effective at blocking toxic chemicals before they entered a smoker’s lungs.

Professor Chapman said that although some tobacco companies had voluntarily published a list of the contents in their cigarettes on websites, they also noted undisclosed ‘processing aids’ in the finished product.

At least one brand of cigarettes sold in Greece has been confirmed to be using pig haemoglobin (swine blood) in its manufacturing processes, he added.

Professor Chapman said: ‘If you’re a smoker and you’re of Islamic or Jewish faith then you’d probably want to know and there is no way of finding out.

One scholar we talked to said, “Why do Muslims only worry about the pig?”

Then he continued saying, “Because smoking is already haram, due to causing cancer in the smokers and those who have to breath the second hand smoke, and causing birth defects in new born babies. But the only concern is about ‘PIG BLOOD’?”

He also said, “Does this mean if we want Muslims stay away from alcohol or gambling, we just put a pig in the night club?”


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