Problematic Trends in Regards to Seeking Marriage in Islam


Problematic Trends in Regards to Seeking Marriage in Islam

A very huge problem today is that a great number of Muslims have been Affected by the dating, boy-friend/girl-friend test drive epidemic.

We know that this has become the normal thing in today’s society but as Muslims we strive to hold on to a higher level of morality and purity and we look to make all of our affairs pleasing to our Creator and Marriage in ISLAM is a completion of half your Deen so Muslims should be very serious about staying away from the evil pitfalls that lead to a broken society which mainly steams from the evil of “Zina”( Immorality,fornication,screwing around, adultery).

In this weeks show we will be discussing some of the obstacles Muslims face when they finally get serious and are on a Mission to get Married. Some of the points covered are:

1. Problematic Trends in regards to seeking marriage

2. Parents forcing young mature adults to wait too long, and they end up missing out on good opportunities. They sometimes focus on everything other than Deen & character.

3. Women – sometimes want to finish their studies and career and then get married, but pass their prime in the process. They sometimes have very high demands and an unrealistic romantic picture from the movies which is impractical.

4. Men – sometimes are ready, but shy away from the responsibility of marriage, and want to lead an independent life, and wait too long. Sometimes men keep shopping forever, trying to make sure they don’t commit to one girl too quickly, only to find someone better later, and having regrets.

All of this and more on this weeks exciting show.