Safe Sex in Islam


Safe Sex in Islam

Islam is a religion for all times and for all people. Because of the divine nature of the Islamic traditions, we find that every legislation that God has prescribed for us has notable benefits for those who ponder. Such is the case of the Islamic System of Intimacy. In this video Imam Siraj Wahhaj speaks of how the Islamic System of Intimacy is a solution to various social problems caused by intimacy otherwise.

350,000 people are affected with STD’s a year.
150,000 Abortions- little babies that are killed each year. 
Safe sex is promoted but what does that really mean?
These are some of the topics well be discussing in this weeks new episode of ‘The Deen Show’ with Guest Imam Siraj Wahhaj. 

Key Points of This Video:

Introduction [start time 00:00]
Our relationship with the creator [start time 03:20]
We all have one God! [start time 05:30]
About God
Every commandment that Allah gives us is for our good! [start time 06:55]
WHO(World Health Organization)- stats [start time 08:20]
Don’t surpass the boundaries of Allah! [start time 10:16]
The fruits of Intimacy can be great! [start time 11:47]
Tasters/Testers [start time 13:10]
Intimacy should be after marriage [start time 14:25]
Is everyone wrong? [start time 15:40]
Consequences for not obeying your lord! [start time 18:10]
Taking Precautions [start time 21:15]
Benefits of sex [start time 25:01]
How do you get married the lawful way? [start time 25:40]
Conclusion [start time 28:05]