Signs of the Last Day – The Proof That Islam Is The Truth pt 15


Signs of the Last Day – The Proof That Islam Is The Truth pt 15

In this episode of “The Proof of Islam” Mr. Green discusses some of the signs of the last day, and relates them to present day occurrences.

Abdurraheem Green embarks on a journey, a journey to take you through a very amazing and interesting topic and that is the proof that Islam is the Truth. In this series of episodes, he shows that Islam truly is the religion that has been revealed by Allah, the creator of the heavens and the Earth for the guidance and the benefit of all the humanity.

Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Competing in building tall buildings [start time 01:47]
Mosques like palaces [start time 02:52]
Disappearance of trustworthiness [start time 03:25]
Increase in killing [start time 03:40]
Increase in the use of Interest [start time 04:50]
Increase in literacy [start time 05:43]
Decrease in religious knowledge

Speakers will be many, and the scholars few [start time 06:43]
People will claim Music to be lawful [start time 07:24]
Increase in sexual promiscuity [start time 07:50]
Diseases that people never heard of before [start time 08:34]
“Women naked yet dressed” [start time 08:57]
Shouting in the mosques [start time 09:24]
Ignorant leaders [start time 09:32]
Quick list of other signs [start time 09:57]
Prophet & the wet nurse [start time 11:25]
Prophet’s post crying [start time 13:26]
Animals complaining to the Prophet [start time 14:23]
Small amount of milk a large group of people [start time 15:03]
Miraculous night journey [start time 17:07]
Splitting of the Moon [start time 18:30]
Why don’t you accept? [start time 19:43]
Are you afraid
Be afraid of Allah

Conclusion [start time 22:50]