Taweez – Amulets: An Expression of Shirk


Taweez – Amulets: An Expression of Shirk

Taweez – Amulets: An Expression Of Shirk แดดแดฐ – by Ustadh Gabriel Al Romaani

Too many times Muslims put their trust in other than Allah Subhanahu ta’ala. Muslims think that there are other than Allah Subhanhu ta’ala to take care of them, to protect them from harm, from magic, from whatever evil there might be out there. Minal jinnati wannas! (From Jinn and from mankind) Muslims, by doing this they are committing a form of Shirk. You are giving to something, someone else other than Allah Subhanahu ta’ala, the power, as you think, to protect you. You think that this person, this amulet, that this taweez, whatever it is, this thing will protect you from the harm that might come to you or for anything else but the Qadrr of Allah Subhanhu ta’ala. Muslims have been put into this corner of ignorance where they are being given all kinds of things and they are putting their trust on these things because they are so desperate! And they think that these things (amulets) will help them. They don’t realize that the first and foremost problem is that they themselves are far away from Islam. That they themselves are not praying properly. That they themselves are not doing the ibadaat (acts of worship) properly. That they themselves are not in a connection, in a proper connection with Allah Subhanahu ta’ala!

So I wanna share this with you. Today I went and met a brother, he was in the store. And I said to him, when I saw him wearing a…what we call a taweez or taweez as people say. I saw him wearing this taweez, and I told him, ‘brother I don’t want to upset you, but do you mind if we opened this because this is not good.’ I can guarantee you that 90% of time, this is not good. It has squares and it has numbers in them and so many other things scribbled that might not make sense. So I said, ‘Please man! Do you believe in Allah?’ (He said) ‘Yes!’ I said Bismillah and cut it! We said Bismillah and cut, then we opened it. Bismillah we open it. We made the duas. And many other duas that we know. And the dua’s……many many duas. Ayatul kursi…

These are the things that protect you. Not this thing! So we opened it. And to his surprise what we found! We found this, this paper here. It was in this sachet, this green sachet. And it was covered by tape. So what was on this paper? As I said, there were squares and you can see the difference between the folds, of the paper and the squares and numbers in these squares. And I will try my best here to focus on some of these numbers so you can see it. So here it is as you can see. You can see here the folds and you can see the actual lines that are drawn, the squares. You can see the folds and look for example, this one…this is not a fold. It’s a line. And here comes other lines. So it makes squares And in the squares as you can see there are drawings and numbers. For example, here! And here, there’s a zero and as you can see, a seven. And so is here, inverse, the zero and 7 the other way. So, Subhan Allah! We find that these people are trying to make Muslims fall into this trap.

These people work with Shaytan! These people are sons of Shaytan! A’ujubillah! Work with Shaytan! A’ujubillah, may Allah protect us from him (Satan) and protect your family and all the Muslims and the believers!