The Big Questions: Who Made Me and Why Am I Here?


The Big Questions: Who Made Me and Why Am I Here?

The Big Questions: Who Made Me and Why am I Here? – Dr. Laurence Brown

Dr. Laurence Brown is a graduate of Cornell University, Brown University Medical School and George Washington University Hospital residency program, Laurence B. Brown is an ophthalmic surgeon, a retired Air Force officer, and the medical director and chief ophthalmologist of a major eye center. He is also an ordained interfaith minister with a doctorate in divinity and a PhD in religion, and the author of a number of books of comparative religion and reality-based fiction. His works can be found on his website,

Key Points of This Video:

Bio of Dr. Lawrence Brown [start time 01:26]

What does the title mean? [start time 03:55]

Everyone asks the Big Questions Who made us? [start time 04:59]
Answer of an Atheist
The Big Bang
The Evolution
Natural Selection

Why am I here? [start time 14:45]
Why have we made all the things we have made?
We make things to serve us; God made us to serve him
Guidance given to animals; no guidance for us?
Instructional Manual = Revelation
Fire in Hell; Fired at work

I am a good person; is that not enough? [start time 25:05]
To establish justice you need…
What is good?
Go to Hell!

Why cant we worship God the way we want? [start time 31:20]
Accepted Currency

Obvious Conclusion [start time 40:21]