The Heart


The Heart

The Heart ᴴᴰ – by Ustadh Ismail Bullock

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaathuhu

This is your brother Ismail Bullock here for the Daily Reminder.

Now today I want to discuss about the heart. We always spend our time caring about our parents, caring about our health, which is good, but that’s what we focus on. We spend a lot of time trying to be healthy, making sure we look our best…but what about our hearts?

This is where everything comes from. This is where our faith is from — the hearts.
This is where our true belief comes from the heart. And, Allah mentions that not only is it where our belief is, it’s where we can get pure and true satisfaction and content from.

Allah tells us in the Quran, referring to this remembrance, this dhikr of Allah. This remembrance of Allah and the effect it has on the heart, when he says…

‘Indeed with the remembrance of Allah do the hearts feel content, satisfied.’

So this is showing us the benefits of this dhikr. But how many of us, we don’t spend our time on the dhikr. We forget these kind of basic azkaar in the morning, the dua’s in the morning and the evening, the reading of the Quran when we can, the smallest dua’s that we are supposed to do in things we do on a daily basis — we forget them. All of these come under dhikr. And we know the best dhikr is the Quran, how many of us, we don’t even spend five or ten minutes reading the Quran. Five or ten minutes! But we spend hours and hours on Facebook or watching T.V, or whatever it may be.
And Allah describes those people who constantly remember him…constantly think and ponder and remember Allah. When he says in the Quran…

Allah says, ‘Those who remember Allah when they are standing, when they are sitting, and when they are lying down, and they ponder and reflect upon the creations of the heavens and the earth, and they say, ‘Oh our Lord! Surely you did not create this for no purpose. Glory be to you and save us from the punishment of the fire.”

So this shows us the status of those and should encourage us to be of those who remember Allah.

So this is really, it was just a short reminder for all of us in sha Allah, to increase in the dhikr of Allah, and strive to be of those who remember Allah abundantly. And Allah says in the Quran that those who remember Allah abundantly, they will receive much reward. And until I join you next time on the Daily Reminder, this is your brother Ismail Bullock.