The Lifetime of a Hardship


The Lifetime of a Hardship

Yasmin Mogahed
Allah tell us in the Quran that for all things He has created an “appointed term’. This includes our hardships and struggles. They all have a birth and a death. They all have an appointed term. Every situation in our life has an appointed term, after which they come to an end and/or change.

There have been a few periods of my life when this particular ayah has comforted me so much. It is ‘simple’, but so profound:

“And be patient for the decision of your Lord, for indeed you are in Our eyes.” (52:48)

So many powerful lessons:

1. Allah has your situation covered. So just be patient. Everything has an appointed term. So does this hardship. It will not last forever. And Allah is in charge (the decision of Your Lord).

2. “Indeed you are in Our eyes.”: Even *during* the ‘appointed lifetime’ of the hardship, you are in His eyes. He is taking care of you *during* it. What a comfort!

3. Not only should you have patience because:
– Allah’s command is controlling the situation (and when it will come to an end/change), but also *because*
– You are in ‘His eyes’: He is your Guardian even throughout the hardship’s ‘lifetime’. It is actually by way of the fact that you are in His eyes and protection, that you can be patient. Your ability to be patient, in and of itself, is one of His greatest provisions and gifts.

Summary: It is through the knowledge that God sees what we are going through and is in control that we are able to be patient.