Top American Surgeon Embraced Islam


Top American Surgeon Embraced Islam

Dr. Laurence Brown was first introduced to submitting himself to God when his Daughter was undergoing a critical surgery. This submission to the will of God led him to searching through various faiths. After doing rigorous studies of various faiths, he came to the realization that Islam is the absolute truth in which there is no doubt.

This is an incredible story about an Atheist who found God then tried very hard to be a Christian and you have to watch the show to find out the rest. This is a great story you’ll love it. Share this Video with everyone you know.

Open your mind humble your heart and enjoy this week’s new show.

Key Points of This Video
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Briefings about Dr. Brown [start time 01:05]
How I came to Islam [start time 03:16]
Me searching through different religions [start time 08:53]
Unanswered questions in Christianity [start time 10:17]
Overlooking biblical inconsistencies [start time 13:57]
Me as an Atheist [start time 17:41]
How I stumbled across Islam [start time 21:49]
Debunking of certain biases against Islam [start time 23:42]
Conclusion [start time 28:18]