Was Muhammad Really a Prophet?


Was Muhammad Really a Prophet?

Was Prophet Mohammed really a Prophet? In this episode of “The Deen Show” Kamal El Mekki shares some of the evidences of the Muhammad’s Prophethood. In this Show we’ll find out if Prophet Muhammad was truly a Messenger of God or was he an impostor who was doing it for Money, women, and power. You be the judge and decide for yourself after you have seen the show with an open mind and humble heart.

Introduction [start time 00:00]
Islamic Dress code

It is easy to tell which religion is divine! [start time 05:38]
Prophet or Imposter? [start time 08:50]
What is the most important prophetic message?
Who is the angel that came to you?

Muhammad was either a Prophet or an Imposter [start time 12:27]
What was his motives?
Did he want money?

Did he want power? [start time 22:42]
Conclusion [start time 26:22]

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