When Life Flashes Before Your Eyes


When Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

When Life Flashes Before Your Eyes ᴴᴰ – by Ustadh Ahmed Sidky

Brothers and sisters you might have heard people tell you, when people die…they see a flashback of their whole life in front of them. That is true by the Hadith of the Prophet (ﷺ). Where the Prophet (ﷺ) told the companions one day…he said, ‘whoever loves to meet Allah – Allah will love to meet them. And whoever hates to meet Allah – Allah will hate to meet them.’ Do you wanna hate to meet Allah? So the companions got a little worried. And they said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, but we are all afraid of death.’ Isn’t that what you are talking about? And the Prophet (ﷺ) said, ‘No, that’s not what I am talking about. What I am talking about is this, at the moment of death…all your deeds are revealed to you. Your whole life, you will see it in front of you. So if you have good deeds, you will love to meet Allah and if you have bad deeds, then you will hate to meet Allah.’ Brothers and sisters, I am going to try to make this as real as possible. So I need you to do something for me. Everyone close your eyes right now. We are gonna try an exercise. Just, while you are sitting down, just close your eyes. Everyone…

I want you to think of yesterday…just yesterday. Try to think of everything you did yesterday, everything good, everything bad. As if someone was recording your whole day yesterday, and you are watching that movie…just yesterday. Two days…so yesterday and the day before. What about last week? I want you to try to imagine all of last week. All of last week. Everything you did good (and) everything you did bad. What about last month? The whole last month. Try to imagine. Try hard! Close your eyes. Really think, what did I do all of last month. Everything good (and) everything bad. I’ll challenge you brothers and sisters and go back three months. I am gonna actually give you 30 seconds of silence. Just try to look at all your good deeds and bad deeds for the past three months. What about last year? Is it getting harder? Open your eyes brothers and sisters. Is it getting hard? Listen to this verse…

Allah has gathered all this information and he remembers it. But you forget. You couldn’t even think of all the bad deeds you did last year. And those are the bad deeds that you know are bad deeds. Will we love to meet Allah brothers and sisters? When that moment comes and you see your whole life in front of you…all the moments that you talked back to your parents and I…I emphasize this example, because, these are…talking back to your parents is a major sin. A major sin! Like drinking alcohol! You would remember if you, if you in that year, you had some alcohol. And you would ask for forgiveness, but when you roll your eyes at your parents, or you yell back, whatever age you are. Do we consider that a major sin? When we talk about people! Brothers and sisters…this, these deeds may Allah protect us from them, may cause us to look at our lives at that moment and hate to meet Allah. And these are things that we could have avoided.

Sisters! Talking mashaAllah. I have three sisters myself, I know. Brothers! We hold grudges against each other. Why? When you look back at your life, is it worth it? And Wallahi we will all go through this moment. So think about it right now and from this moment on you can change that.