Who Was Muhammad (pbuh)?


Who Was Muhammad (pbuh)?

Prophet Muhammad was the prophet sent to all of humanity and for all times. With an everlasting miracle, the Quran, he led his people from the darkest of darkness to light. Many great figures over the centuries (Muslim/Non-Muslims) pondered the life of the Prophet Muhammad to derive lessons that led them to where they were.

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Some facts about the last and final Messenger of God who was sent as a mercy to all mankind bring the last and final revelation the Quran. Open your mind humble your heart and enjoy the Show to learn more visit www.TheDeenShow.com

Introduction [start time 00:00]
Prophet’s life before Prophethood [start time 04:15]
Prophets early childhood
Noble Characteristics
Seclusion for worship

The first revelation [start time 09:27]
Reaction of the people to his Prophethood
Prophet Muhammad: A Mercy to mankind [start time 12:27]
Gentle Character of the Prophet [start time 17:20]
What was the Prophet’s driving motive? [start time 18:37]
What are benefits of following Prophet Muhammad? [start time 21:08]
Muhammad is the most influential person in the history of the world [start time 24:45]
Conclusion [start time 27:05]