Why Greg Accepted Islam?


Why Greg Accepted Islam?

Greg was raised in a predominantly Christian family. After finishing high school Greg was introduced to the God in Islam. Learn how this 23 year old American came to Islam!


Please share this video with all you friends and pass it along to everyone you know. In this Show we get to talk with Greg to find out why he accepted Islam. You’ll also get an update on where some of these famous people are such as Elvis Presley. Bruce lee,Heath Ledger, Dre,Marilyn Monro
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Key Points of This Video:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
Me before Islam [start time 01:42]
How I became Muslim [start time 03:05]
Idea of “Blind Faith” [start time 07:10]
Are religions man made? [start time 10:40]
Does logic coincide with faith? [start time 12:15]
Islam is a complete way of life! [start time 15:06]
I accepted Islam because… [start time 16:28]
My turning point [start time 19:21]
Jesus in Islam [start time 23:30]
Conclusion [start time 26:10]