Why Was Super Star Michael Jackson Not Happy?


Why Was Super Star Michael Jackson Not Happy?

An amazing episode with a Former DJ about how he found peace and happiness in life after he found the true purpose of life.
Some points covered in the show:

1. Great examples of why normal people along with super star’s like Michael Jackson are not happy even after having all the money and fame.

2. Why he left off the party life style after Dj’ing for years in the clubs.

3. Smoking weed with a friend learning about the truth

4. Jesus was not white

5. God has no color and can’t be a man

6. Why Islam made the most sense

7. Common arguments like “I don’t follow any organized religion”..
” Religions are the cause of wars”.. “I follow Science”.. etc…

All this and more on this weeks exciting episode of TheDeenShow.

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